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Tamiflu Maufacturing Predicted a 531% Sales Increase for 2009


This is interesting…

Tamiflu Maufacturing Predicted a 531% Sales Increase in 2009


Click to go to the link… have a look at page 3 from this pdf, found at the above post: www.chugai-pharm.co.jp…

Might not mean anything… but you gotta admit… it’s definitely interesting considering – and 531% is A LOT.  How in the world could they make such a prediction to their shareholders…???

Corporate Money At Its Finest


The following link is corporate money-making politics at its finest. *$ ka-ching $*

Yes, this makes me mad… and when you read it… it will make you mad, too.  I am a great believer in natural medicine, herbs, and essential oils.  I firmly believe that God has put everything on this earth that we need for good health!  Apparently, according to the University of Manchester, they tested 40 essential oils against the MRSA staph bacteria, as well as E.Coli. They found two that killed the bacteria  ALMOST INSTANTLY and one more that worked over a period of time. They have told their findings to various drug companies, etc., and their research has shown that they could effectively be combined in soaps, shampoos, etc., and used by hospital staff, doctors, and patients quite easily.  But guess what?

Because the oils occur naturally in nature and cannot be “patented”… drug companies for the most part ARE NOT INTERESTED.  The reason? “They are not commercially viable.”  DOES THIS NOT ANGER YOU?!!  It does me!!!  So… because there is not enough money to be made… the research sits unfunded and the cures go unmade.  This makes me want to throw up.

Read the link here and “physician, heal thyself” when need be, or at least take preventative measure.  The three oils, from what I have gleaned through additional research, are:  Tea Tree Oil (my favorite and I am not surprised, I figured as much), Grapefruit Seed Oil (extract) and active Manuka Honey (stronger honey, available at health food stores.)  I am not a doctor… just sharing interesting info that I’m sure many have not heard of before, including myself until today!  One should always be careful when working with essential oils but there are lots of books out there on the subject… it’s one of my favorite hobbies.  Here is the link: