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Tamiflu Maufacturing Predicted a 531% Sales Increase for 2009


This is interesting…

Tamiflu Maufacturing Predicted a 531% Sales Increase in 2009


Click to go to the link… have a look at page 3 from this pdf, found at the above post: www.chugai-pharm.co.jp…

Might not mean anything… but you gotta admit… it’s definitely interesting considering – and 531% is A LOT.  How in the world could they make such a prediction to their shareholders…???

Worth Reading!


I came across this e-book on Scribd and thought I would share it, especially for those not familiar with certain issues.  I could describe it all here but so much better if you go and check it out for yourself.  Some of this I have read other places, but some even I was not aware of, from looking at the table of contents.  I have only just started reading it but it looks to be some excellent material.  Just click here.