I like to think.  Sometimes too much….sometimes it gets me in trouble! haha ;)  I also like to write.  You can never write too much. :)

I like to write all kinds of things, but mostly I love poetry.  Haiku is my favorite poetic form… gentle snapshots of nature, captured with words, to share with the world.  It freezes a beautiful moment in time.  I love other Japanese poetry forms as well… choka, tanka, etc. But free verse really rocks.  You can say what you want, how you want, the way you want, and TA DA… it’s still art.  And beautiful.

I am a deeply spiritual person who has searched for truth and answers all her life, even as a child.  Here I am now in my early 40’s… and haven’t gotten a thing figured out yet!! LOL  Some days I feel I am closer to they mysteries of the universe… other days, they elude me, drifting in the wind, like the dandelion fuzz a child makes a wish on.  

What else would I like to say…Well, I’m a computer geek :D & I love sunflowers.  They’re so sunny and beautiful!!  They make me happy just looking at them! :D  I also love orchids… they are truly beautiful and unique flowers that speak to my heart.

I love music – it speaks wonderfully for us when we just don’t have the words.  Some music I love:  the song “Simple Man” by Lynrd Skynrd, for one. This sums up a lot of my beliefs. Material stuff is junk compared to spiritual things.  I also love Brett Dennen’s early songs… pretty much any of them, reflect my feelings well. The man is a genius in his songwriting skills & political ideas. Especially his song “When” talking about injustice in the world.  Some of my current favorites are Lifehouse, Daughtry, Nickelback.  And my always favorites are Boston YEAH and also a little Steve Miller and Jackson Browne thrown in for good measure! ;)  I like some Black Eyed Peas too :) and can’t forget Journey, Bon Jovi and YEAH BABY Def Leppard!!  If I’m depressed… I crank up the Leppard… lol :P  It’s my happy music.  But my favorite, favorite song of all… is Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl.  Of course. :) :)

Some of my interests: Reading, writing poetry, enjoying & writing about nature, natural health & cooking, singing to current pop, most 80’s songs (& good 70’s ones occasionally)  ;) I also like to make my own soap & candles.  I love natural medicine, aromatherapy and herbal cures, studying about nutrition.  I love sharing what I know with, well, whoever will listen.  WHICH is the main purpose of my blog.  :D

I like to read about ancient cultures and lately I’ve been tip-toeing on the edges of quantum mechanics… there’s a book I’m wanting to get called “PSIence” by Marie D. Jones and I hope to buy it soon (UPDATE I bought it!!  Iit was AMAZING…   I’ve now moved on to “What the BLEEP Do We Know” and it is fascinating! ) UPDATE to the UPDATE… it was great too… check out my current reads on my review page :)   The universe fascinates me! I like read about UFOs, the stars, life’s mysteries. I also am reading gluten-free cookbooks, due to the fact I cannot eat gluten (something I have recently discovered).  Since going gluten free, I have never felt better! :)  I just wish I’d found out a long time ago.  Since I wrote this, I have read many, many books, too numerous to count. I have read everything from quantum mechanics to tarot, religion of all kinds, shapes and species LOL, cultures, space… I love it all.  I did read Lisa Williams’ Survival of the Soul… and this is a must.  I would recommend it to every human on the planet.

AmySo… no telling what you will find in this little blog o’ mine! :D  Oh, and if you’d like to write me, go ahead! :) my email is freespirit.amy@gmail.com.