Before you give your daughter that HPV shot…


… you might want to read the following article.  This in the news:

1300 Girls Harmed by HPV Vaccines in UK;

Bizarre Side Effects Like Paralysis and Epilepsy

David Gutierrez
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More than 1,300 girls in the United Kingdom have experienced negative reactions to the government-mandated Cervarix vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV), according to adverse events reports collected from doctors by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

“When they introduced this new vaccine, we had major concerns about its safety,” said Jackie Fletcher of Jabs, a support group for those negatively affected by vaccines. “The current statistics detailing adverse reactions — including cases of epilepsy and convulsions — bears out that we were right to be concerned.”

Cervarix, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, inoculates patients against strains 16 and 18 of HPV, which are believed to be responsible for 70 percent of cervical cancer cases. The British government began a program to vaccinate all secondary school girls in September 2008, and 700,000 have received the injections so far. The government’s plan is to have all girls under the age of 18 vaccinated by 2011.

Critics have objected, however, that the government based its decision on studies of women under the age of 26, rather than studies conducted on school-age girls. In addition, while the vaccine has been shown to prevent against HPV infection in the short term, there is no evidence of its long-term efficacy or that it actually lowers cancer rates.

The MHRA reports show a total of 2,891 adverse events reported in 1,340 girls. The majority were minor and short-lived problems, such as swelling, rashes, pain or mild allergies to the vaccine. A number of cases were more severe, however, including 20 cases of blurred vision, four cases of convulsions, one case of seizures and one epileptic fit. Five cases of partial paralysis were reported, including Bell’s palsy (face), Guillain-Barre syndrome (legs), hyopaesthesia (loss of sense of touch) and hemiparesis (severe weakening or paralysis of half the body).

“The government needs to look at the future of this program given the number of side-effects coming through,” Fletcher said.


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  1. It’s just so disappointing to read several news and articles about the unwanted effects of HPV to many people. It’s like most nurses or doctors do not really know how to inject vaccines or sometimes, most of them don’t know the effect of such vaccine to their patients and it’s so frustrating. So in case you really need to have an HPV shot, might as well know first your health history before doing so because this can assure that the HPV shot will not have any effect on you. Also make sure that the doctor who will inject it knows the right spot so you won’t encounter any side effects at all.

    • Hey Nicole! Thanks for the comments, they are appreciated. :) I have to kindly and respectfully disagree with your last two statements… a doctor injecting it in the right spot or knowing your family history has no guarantee at all about the side effects of this or any immunization/vaccination, because of the ingredients that are found in these shots. Many are poisonous… toxic.

      We as a people are often… much too often… not told all that we fully need to know to make the best informed decisions… just what others “want” us to know… the rest is kept quiet and up to us to research and discover on our own. That’s why so many people truly do not know about the dangers any of these shots hold. If someone can show me a shot that is 100% proven it will not harm someone, in someway, and it can be backed up with a medical guarantee, that’s different. Otherwise… it’s a risky gamble. Some would say it’s a gamble to not get the shot… but research shows it’s just as big a gamble *to* get immunizations. “Everybody else does it” so we just figure it’s safe, our friend was okay and they had it done, and no one would lie or keep truth from people in today’s society, surely!… the world goes on and everyone’s happier for it… but sadly this is not true. We live in a world where information is given on a need to know basis, but it’s not our need to know… it’s what someone else “thinks” is all we need to know. Please see my post here talking about the ingredients found in vaccinations… it pays in this day and time to be as completely informed as we can when it comes to someone injecting things into our bodies or that of our children. It’s always good to know both sides of the story, not just the one we hear about most commonly, as there are always two sides to a story. If you decide to research this other side, you will see what I mean pretty quickly. It’s hard to believe that people we respect would keep things from our knowledge or lead us to believe all is “happy and light” when in fact it’s not… but it happens – daily. It’s hard to stand up for what is truth when you realize that you, like so many others, have been lied to for so long… but once you see it for yourself, then it’s not as hard anymore. And then you want to share that truth with whoever you can.

      Nicole, thanks so much for your reply and I hope you have a great day. :) Link: Do You Know What’s in Your Child’s Vaccinations?

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